May - Jun 2017, Volume 27 Issue 3

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Western Red-backed Rosellas

Rosellas are perhaps the most strikingly beautifully coloured native parrots that exist in Australia today. Their territories range from Tasmania to the Northern Territory and from the Eastern sea-board to the Western sea-board and all points in-between. Their great variety of colour and stature has captivated all who have come in contact with them, and all are differing in colour variations depending on their location, none more so than the Red-backed Rosella of The Western Wood land of W.A.

Looking for Parrots in the Fijian Islands

Earlier this year, I set off on a trip to get images of parrots on the Fiji Islands. I had been twice to Fiji before for work and could only manage a day or two extra for bird watching. Fiji for an island group has some great parrots to see and has some really memorable other birds as well. I recommend any bird lovers to make a trip to these nearby islands and enjoy the hospitality of the Fijian people as well as beautiful scenery.

Wild bird diary - March and April

Since the last article and the release of those Little Lorikeets, the numbers of birds coming into care has slowed down a bit. It is that time of year. But there have been enough to keep me well occupied! I thought a simple diary of these couple of months would show what Wildlife carers do with their time!

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