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Most parrots residing in our living rooms today are only a generation or two removed from their wild relatives. This is important to us as their companions and stewards because it means, unlike chickens, dogs, cats, cows, horses, and other domestics, not only is their genetic makeup essentially unchanged from parrots in the wild, but there has not been sufficient time to selectively breed for traits and characteristics that would make coexistence in a human household a little more harmonious.

Upcoming General Meeting

Next Meeting, Saturday 10th December 2016, 3pm-6pm

We are holding our Parrot Society General bi-monthly Meeting on 10th December 2016 at the Parrot Society shop at Slacks Creek commencing with the business side of things at 3:00 pm. 

Please make an effort to enjoy it with us.

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Les  Banks

Les Banks

Our Guest speaker will be Mr Les Banks. Les is a well known aviculturist and parrot breeder and has been a long time member of the society. His knowledge of exotic parrots is unsurpassed, and so his journey in the world of Aviculture over many years, promises to be a fascinating presentation. We urge you all to come along and join in the festive gathering which, will be followed by a Xmas BBQ. and social get together providing you with the opportunity to have a chat with your fellow members and friends.


Gary Stack

AviculturalQuiz - Gary Stack

At the conclusion of General business, we will have a short Avicultural Quiz conducted by our Vice President Garry Stack, so brush up on your knowledge and join in the fun!



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