Jan-Feb 2017, Volume 27 Issue 1

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Lutino Blue & Gold Macaws

In the May-June 2012 edition of parrot news, we brought you the exciting news of one of our member's good fortune in breeding two Lutino Blue and Gold macaws. Well, we are extremely excited and honoured to be able to bring you the next exciting chapter of their progress in establishing this beautiful mutation.

Indian Ringnecks - Australia’s colour palette

One of the most regal groups of parrots are the members of the Psittacula genus. With their defined structure, elongated tail feathers, and striking colouration; the Asiatics are truly magnificent in any Avicultural collection. Whilst there are a number of species of the Psittacula genus here in Australia, the one which has exploded as Australia’s colour palette is the Indian Ringneck.

The races of Amazona aestiva

Carolus Linnaeus (Linné) published the 10th edition of his systematic list in 1758. His Systema Naturae gave order to the species concept, with a generic and a subspecific name—the so-called binominal nomenclature; the tenth edition is regarded as the starting point of zoological nomenclature. This concept allowed scientists worldwide to recognize the same individual by the same name; the use of common names typically proved tremendously erring, as different countries then as they do now use different common names for the same species. This scientific principal unquestionably advanced science tremendously and is still in use today.

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