Nov - Dec 2017, Volume 27 Issue 6

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Rosella Hybrid Species

In this article I wish to write for the reader of Parrot News about my own observations and research on a topic that in some instances horrifies many in aviculture, that of hybridisation. Natural hybridisation between species and subspecies is a fact of life and it is in this article, I wish to address the naturally occurring hybrids in the Australian Rosellas.

Breeding Stimulus

Parrots can be split into two categories according to their breeding method: sociable species, which can breed either as a colony or as lose groups over a broad area, and solitary species, which come together only to breed, the female attending solely to her needs and those of the growing young.

The Night Parrot

There is no other species of Australian bird that quickens the pulse of professional ornithologists, birdwatchers and aviculturalists alike, as the Night Parrot. In the 170 years since its discovery by Europeans, the Night Parrot has attained legendary status as a ghost of the vast arid inland. It has been described as the world’s ‘most mysterious bird’, and the ‘Holy Grail of World Birdwatching’.

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