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July 1 2016 - July 3 2016

The International Biennial Parrots Convention, continues the theme of "Raising the Perch in Avicultural Education"

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Our Blacks on the Blacks By chance not design

Our Cockatoo collection has included Cockatiels, the obligatory couple of pairs of Galahs, Long-billed and Short-billed Corellas and Major Mitchell’s. The larger Black Cockatoos were always admired either in the wild or at the various collections we visited over the years but there were never any firm plans to get some anytime soon. I don’t think the term “Bucket List” had been coined when I said to myself, “one day”. It wasn’t that we were lacking space for larger flights or a wee bit of experience in the management or husbandry for the larger Cockatoos, we had bred Galahs and Majors, but despite living on acreage, the potential noise factor was always a concern.

Upcoming General Meeting

Next Meeting, Saturday 18th June 2016, 3pm-6pm

We will continue to trial the new venue for this meeting, the Lions Club at Springwood (2 Pannikin St Rochdale 4123) in the Lair meeting room.

The new venue is air condintioned and has better acoustics for our speaker sessions. Located only 5 mins from our Parrot Supplies Australia headquarters guests are welcome to take the short trip to Parrot Supplies Australia before the meeting. Parrot Supplies Australia will closed at 2pm and reopen for a short time after the meeting for those that can not make it to the shop before the meeting.

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Brett Hancox - Currumbin Sanctuary

Brett Hancox - Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Brett will talk about conservation and the breeding of Glossy Black Cockatoos.

Brett was born and raised in Melbourne, and moved to northern NSW in 2001.HeI started as a volunteer at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in 2004, and have been a member of their bird department for the last 8 years. He have worked with a wide range of species, from small passerines to rattites, with a particular interest in cassowaries, grass owls and parrots.


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