The Parrot Society of Australia Inc. invites you to attend the 7th international ‘Parrots' convention to be held in sunny Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, Australia.
‘Parrots' conventions are held every two years with the recurring theme of ‘Raising the Perch in Avicultural Education' – a goal we supersede with every convention. For those of you who have attended previous ‘Parrots' conventions, you can expect an even greater and more dynamic program of experienced domestic and international aviculturist, conservationist and companion parrot speakers.

The Parrot Society is internationally renown for producing the most professionally run, comprehensive and diverse avian educational event for all parrot enthusiasts in Australia. As your host, our attention to detail ensures that you will maximise your learning opportunities and social networking over the weekend. We offer delegates an array of valuable multi-media presentations, workshops and access to the latest in trade supplies and products. You will be exposed to current and innovative avian management practices to help you with your hobby. 

‘Parrots' conventions are the only Australian convention that runs a concurrent, streamed program for aviculturists and companion parrot owners alike. This gives you the freedom to choose which sessions you would prefer to attend instead of being locked into a fixed program under one discipline. 

Following the success of our inaugural 'Fledglings' children's workshop in 2008 and 2010, we will be offering a similar experience for young aviculturists again in 2012. Interested children will get the opportunity to work with both Shane and Nic, the creators of Fledglings, in a hands on learning experience. They will engage with live birds for behaviour and training experiences while learning valuable techniques to becoming a responsible aviculturist.  Fledglings is the only opportunity for young aviculturists to learn about their interest in parrots in Australia and the Parrot Society proudly supports this initiative.

A conservation fundraising dinner will be the highlight of the convention to get you thinking beyond your backyard. It is an excellent opportunity for you to hear a renown international conservationist speaker while enjoying the social aspect of our hobby. To compliment this, there will be an aviary tour for further social networking.

Please continue to check this page for the official release of the Parrots 2012 registration details and program of confirmed speakers.

Image:Brisbane River - Courtesy of Tourism Queensland