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We aim to provide a friendly and professional approach in all our communications with members and associates. We try and answer enquiries wherever possible.

PO Box 75
Salisbury QLD 4107
+61 7 5433 1921
The following email contacts are supplied but please respect the below:

(reserved for current members only)
Current members of the Parrot Society of Australia may use this email address to send details of birds or other avicultural items for sale, wanted, exchange, lost or found for inclusion in the Avitrader listings (subject to deadline printed in the Parrot Society of Australia News and listed on this site). Email may be sent to


(questions about membership applications or fees)
To contact the Membership Registrar concerning any questions in relation to fees or your Membership Application. Remember, we also have an on-line Membership Form and can accept Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, EFTPOS, PayPal and Direct Debit payments. Email may be sent to

To contact the president of the Parrot Society of Australia  Email may be sent to

(avicultural product sales)
The Parrot Supplies shop is open two days per week
Thursday 10am to 2pm and Saturday 9am to 2pm.
2/5 Westerway St, Slacks Creek, Qld
Ph: 07 3208 5610
Fax: 07 3388 4860

(reserved for current members only)
Current members of the Parrot Society of Australia may use this email address to send any questions or comments direct to the Society's secretary. Response will normally be within a few days. - email may be sent to

(questions to qualified avian veterinarians)
Questions emailed to the Vet's Corner may be referred to qualified avian veterinarians if such is to be considered to be in the interest of our members. Answers provided will be published in future issues of our magazine, with selected answers also appearing in our Vet's Corner section on-line. Vet's Corner questions can not be answered on-line as the Editorial Committee review the questions and forward them on to our support network of veterinarians. For urgent veterinary help in situations where the bird is seriously injured or suddenly very ill you must immediately take it to a qualified avian vet in your area. Email may be sent to

(magazine or web advertising)
To contact the Promoter about placing an advertisement in the Parrot Society magazine or any questions you may have in that regard. You may wish to inquire about a breeder/supplier or club/society advertisement on our site; or you make an inquiry about website design services for your advertisement or sub site. If so, email may be sent to

(questions re website problems, use of articles, design work)
To contact the Webmaster concerning any problems or broken links on this web site emails may be sent to

If you wish to seek permission to reprint articles from this site please make sure you first check out our information.