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The Australian Eclectus Parrot

The Eclectus Parrot is a species with a unique dimorphic plumage contrast that is termed sexual reverse-dichromatism (meaning that there is a total difference in the feather colour between males and females). The male is generally an emerald green bird with scarlet red flanks and dark inside tail coverts that are tipped with yellow on the ends. The upper mandible is a coral colour and the lower mandible is black. The female on the other hand is generally a deep red with a brownish red back. Its lower breast and abdomen is a dull mauve that extends in a band across the upper mantle. The vent is red and inside tail coverts a red-orange colour. Her beak is black. Nowhere else in the parrot world is such a contrast in colour seen between the sexes.


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Mick Sowter

Guest Speaker - Mick Sowter

Birds Bolivia – not just a holiday, it was an adventure!

Some friends (6), my wife and I, travelled through Bolivia and a small part of Brazil, on an organised bird tour in May 2014. Plenty of birds to see, including macaws, amazons, pionus and conures as well as many other bird species. A speciality of course, was to view the magnificent Hyacinth Macaws in their natural environment. Travelling through the amazon jungle, living in cabins and huts, no electricity (generator sometimes), cold showers, food that was so divine, rain, mud, floods, breathtaking scenery, fantastic animal life. What an adventure. A bird lovers dream. And we would all do it again.



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