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Three sub-species of Double-eyed Fig Parrots Cyclopsitta diophthalma occur in Australia. The Red-browed Fig Parrot C. d.macleayana is found in North-East, Queensland, the Marshall’s Fig Parrot C. d. marshalli on the Eastern side of Cape York Pennisulu and the Coxen’s Fig Parrot C. d.coxeni in South-east Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Red-browed and Marshall’s Fig Parrots appear to be quite common within their restricted ranges. The Coxens Fig Parrot, on the other hand, is very rare to the extent that it is critically endangered.


It is the southernmost sub-species and has been recorded from Gympie and Maryborough in South-east Queensland south to the Macleay River in Northern New South Wales. In spite of this extensive distribution, the actual area occupied and the population size is very small.

It is estimated that no more than 100 mature individuals remain. Recovery is threatened by loss of and fragmentation of the birds’ preferred habitats and, of real concern, is that the population is expected to continue to decline.

A captive recovery program has being in place for a number of years and is actively supported by the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary situated at the Gold Coast, Queensland.