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AviTrader is a listing of the Parrot Society of Australia members' birds and avicultural items for sale, wanted or to exchange.



These Society members' ads are first printed in the bi-monthly Parrot Society of Australia News magazine, mailed to members throughout the world. 

All ads appear in the next available issue of the magazine, for one issue only, unless otherwise advised.

AviTrader ads submitted for publication MUST include:

  • your membership number (NOT for publication),
  • your first name
  • telephone numbers

You may also include your fax number and e-mail address. Including your town/suburb/city and state, and prices are optional but recommended. Please be advised we will NOT advertise: Hybrids; and young birds not fledged, ie independent and out of the nest.


Members wishing to advertise in AviTrader should contact the AviTrader Manager:

Tara TuaTai

Phone:  0422 489 645 (Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm)
Postal: Avi-Trade, PSOA Inc.
P.O. Box 75
Salisbury Qld 4107

Buyers should contact advertisers directly using the contact details in the relevant ad.
You must be legally eligible to own, sell or purchase birds within Australia.
All transactions are bound by current Australian State, Territory and Federal legislation. The Parrot Society will not condone or permit any illegal activity through our services.
Note: The Australian Government does not allow exporting of birds from Australia.


(Including all species of pet and aviary birds)
The Parrot Society of Australia is not responsible for any enquiries concerning the importation or exportation of native and exotic birdlife. All enquiries pertaining to the international movement of avian fauna will need to be directed jointly to Environment Australia, and the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. All relevant information pertaining to the importation or export of parrots and contact details for further enquiries can be sourced from