Step Up 2013

Step Up 2013

Step Up! Parrot Care and Training Workshops 2013

June 1-2, 2013 Brisbane, Australia

Queensland Baptists Conference Centre
53 Prospect Rd

June 8-9, Melbourne, Australia

Whitehorse City Council
‘The Willis Room’

Whitehorse Centre 

397 Whitehorse Road 

Nunawading VIC 3131

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Are you seriously interested in parrot training? Do you have parrot behaviour problems that are driving you crazy? Are you are a pet owner, veterinarian, zoo professional, pet industry professional, researcher, psychology student, behaviour consultant, professional trainer or just simply want to learn more about how to train parrots and solve behaviour problems? If this describes you, then you don't want to miss these seminars featuring animal trainer Barbara Heidenreich and parrot behaviour consultant Pamela Clark, CVT.


Enjoy 2 days of lectures, games, training demos and problem solving. Topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Learning theory
  • Reinforcers and motivation
  • Reading and interpreting animal body language
  • Problem solving
  • Overcoming fear responses
  • Skill building activities
  • Extensive video examples
  • Live training demonstrations
  • Tips to fine tune training skills
  • Games and activities
  • Training controversies
  • Species specific training techniques
  • Creation of an optimal environment for problem prevention
  • Addressing screaming and unwanted noise
  • Biting and aggression in companion parrots
  • Addressing feather destructive behaviour


Both days will start at 9am and finish at 5pm consisting of 4 x 1.5hr presentations with half hour refreshment breaks. All meals and snacks are provided.


8.30am                        Registration (tea and coffee available)

9.00am                        Session 1 – Barbara Heidenreich

10.30am                      Morning Break (catered)

11.00am                      Session 2 – Pamela Clark, CVT

12.30pm                      Lunch (catered)

1.00pm                        Session 3 – Barbara Heidenreich

2.30pm                        Afternoon Break (catered)

3.00pm                        Session 4 – Pamela Clark, CVT

4.30pm                        Conclusion




DAY 1 – Saturday

Barbara’s two sessions will include an introduction to the basics of training and problem solving:

  • Learn the basics of how to train parrots
  • Get an understanding of the scientific principles used to influence behaviour
  • Learn about reinforcers and creating motivation
  • Practice reading and interpreting parrot body language
  • Discover how to train new behaviours

And see the process in action with live parrot training demonstrations.


Pamela’s two presentations will be:

  • Creation of an Optimal Environment (including diet and social relationships) for Problem Prevention
  •  Screaming and Unwanted Noise


DAY 2 – Sunday

Barbara’s sessions will focus on advanced training skills and addressing difficult problems demonstrating that training is a mechanical skill. The better your technique the faster your parrot can learn. Topics covered

  • Heighten your observational skills
  • Build awareness on how your actions affect parrot behaviour
  • Perfect your timing
  • Practice manipulating and presenting reinforcers and training props effectively
  • Learn about feeding for position
  • Elevate your sensitivity to body language
  • Discover special techniques that apply specifically to parrot training

Day two’s training portion will focus on practical application and fine tuning your training skills.


Pamela’s two presentations will be:

  • Biting and Aggression in Companion Parrots
  • Feather Destructive Behaviour



Barbara Heidenreich – Animal Trainer
Barbara Heidenreich

Barbara Heidenreich has been a professional in the field of animal training since 1990. She is the President of Good Bird Inc (, a company that provides parrot behaviour and training products to the companion parrot community. These products include Good Bird Magazine, numerous books, DVD titles, and parrot training workshops. Barbara has been a featured speaker on animal training on six continents and has been published in nine different languages. She is a former president of the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators ( and served on the Board of Directors from 1997-2009.

Barbara also consults on animal training in zoos, nature centers and other animal related facilities. She has been a part of the development and production of more than 15 different free flight education programs and has worked with over 20 different animal facilities. In her career, she has trained animals, trained staff, and/or presented shows at facilities around the world.

Barbara has presented at our ‘Parrots’ convention as well as the inaugural Step Up Workshop in 2009. She is a long time friend of the Parrot Society of Australia and it is always a pleasure hosting her.

Pamela Clark - Parrot Behaviour Consultant
Pamela Clark, CVT

Pamela Clark, CVT is a well-known author, international speaker and parrot behaviour consultant whose experience with parrots dates back 40 years to the purchase of her first pair of Lovebirds. Her knowledge extends to a wide range of parrot species, and has been gained through experiences as diverse as breeding to rescue and rehabilitation. Pam has also trained parrots in behaviour as complex as that of free flight outdoors.

As a behaviour consultant, Pam’s approach is uniquely comprehensive, coupling improvements in husbandry and nutrition with the most positive and most effective behaviour modification strategies. She consults with clients throughout the United States, and as far away as Canada, Europe, India, Japan and Australia. Pam also works as a veterinary technician for an avian specialist, Dr. Richard Hillmer of Oak Hills Veterinary Clinic & Bird Hospital in Salem, Oregon. In addition, she serves as co-instructor, along with Susan Friedman, Ph.D., teaching parrot behaviour consulting for the Companion Animal Sciences Institute (

Pam lives in Dallas, Oregon at Cockatoo Downs ( with a mixed flock of 10 companion parrots, a dog and two cats. Her articles have appeared in the Grey Play Round Table,Companion Parrot Quarterly, Bird Talk magazine, Birds USA, Parrots magazine,Good Bird magazine, the Holistic Bird Newsletter and the Parrot Society of Australia News, and have been translated into several foreign languages.


You are welcome to register for just one of the days or both as a package. A late registration fee applies from May 1st so register your attendance today. Spaces are limited and selling fast. Download the registration form here.


Registration Fees (April 2013 fee only):

1 Day
$100 PSOA Members
$125 Non PSOA Members
$30 Fledglings (Available to children ages 10 – 16yrs only with accompanying adult registration)

2 Days
$180 PSOA Members
$200 Non PSOA Members
$50 Fledglings (Available to children ages 10 – 16yrs only with accompanying adult registration)

Please note: An additional $30 late fee is applicable to all registrations received after 30th April 2013. The Parrot Society of Australia reserves the right to cancel either venue should minimum numbers not be reached by 1st May 2013. If cancellation occurs, a full registration refund will be given.

Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea are included on both days.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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