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Keeping and breeding Blue-fronted Amazons

We saw some Sun Conures at a pet shop and fell in love with them. At the time they were around $3600 a pair. We decided to get a pair and looked around for a decent breeder. While there, we also saw some Eclectus Parrots and my previous interest in aviculture grew into a passion that Jeannie and I still share 14 years later. Blue-fronted Amazons can make good pets and have the ability to talk (although, we have found, not as pitch perfect as Eclectus) and were the cheapest and easiest to get so these were the way to go. The plan was to have breeding success with the view to acquiring rarer and more expensive birds in the future.


The Parrot Society of Australia Inc. is an incorporated, non-profit organisation founded in 1980. As Australia's leading parrot society, we take special pride in representing native species to the world as well the many foreign and exotic species held by our members.

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May 16 2015

Fulfilling the needs of the growing North Brisbane Avicultural market. Caboolture Showgrounds Saturday May 16th 2015.

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Next General Meeting, Saturday 18 April 2015

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Gary Stack

Guest Speaker - Garry Stack

Our guest speaker will be Mr Garry Stack, who will bring a presentation on his recent visit to the International Parrot Convention in the Canary Islands and associated visits to parrot breeding facilities in Europe. All members and visitors most welcome. Raffle and sumptuous afternoon tea provided.


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