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Elegant Parrots

Belonging to the Neophema Genus this small, but to some, dully coloured parrot has many attributes which make it a good choice when contemplating additions to your collection. In particular I would recommend younger or novice enthusiasts consider keeping this bird or perhaps those who live in suburbia who have small spaces to allocate to their birds and perhaps noise adverse neighbours!


The Parrot Society of Australia Inc. is an incorporated, non-profit organisation founded in 1980. As Australia's leading parrot society, we take special pride in representing native species to the world as well the many foreign and exotic species held by our members.

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July 1 2016 - July 3 2016

The International Biennial Parrots Convention, continues the theme of "Raising the Perch in Avicultural Education"

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Next General Meeting, Saturday 17th October 2015

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Jade Welch

Guest Speaker - Jade Welch

25th Anniversary of the New Zealand parrot Society

Mr Jade Welch well known bird breeder will present a talk on his recent visit as a guest speaker at the 25th anniversary of the New Zealand parrot Society held in April 2015. He will also talk on the various birds viewed whilst in New Zealand. As always, I am sure that it will be an interesting presentation.

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